We are happy that you have come. Arial and her friends have been waiting to show you their world. It's a world of magic where things are not always what they seem. Please, come in a stay awhile, there are a lot of things to see here and they are ever changing. So do come back often, we will be waiting through the ivy hedge.


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060 If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales. ~Albert Einstein~
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This morning when I open the curtains I noticed the most delicate patterns of frost on my window panes, and when I  looked very close I could just make out the impression of tiny faces with squished noses. There were hands on either side, almost as if fairy’s were hanging there trying to get a peek inside. The frost had swirled around the imprints just like when Sunny danced on the table top the day before. I glanced quickly around the yard to see if I could see any movement but there was a fine mist in the ivy and it made it hard to see anything very clearly.

The following day’s events had answered a question I have had since childhood…how does frost form? I have seen very thick frost on cars windows that had been left out overnight, there must have been a great fairy party where they danced all over the windows until the frost was solid (they do love a good party!). I smile to myself as I imagine walking into the office of the  most prominent climatologist and say, “did you know that frost is formed by fairies?” All conversation would stop and a couple of nice young men in white coats would appear out of nowhere, they would give me a cookie, pat me on the head, then quickly and quietly escort me to a padded room, while giving me all-knowing smiles, and nodding their heads. There I would be, looking from one to the other saying, “what? you don’t believe in fairies!?” No, I don’t think that would be a good idea at all, and I doubt that Sunny and the other fairy’s would like it if I brought attention to them,  they just want to stay quietly in the background and tend our gardens.

There was something else that I noticed about that first encounter with Sunny yesterday. After I was able to bring myself to move again, I came in doors and looked at the wall clock, twenty five minutes had passed! I could swear that it had only been five. It was 20 degrees above freezing but I wasn’t even cold, and the light scent of Honeysuckle still lingered in my hair.

I find that I look at the clock all the time and pace around looking for something to take my mind off the fairies, this euphoric feeling makes it hard to concentrate on anything else, I simply must see them again! I have made up my mind to leave out some honeyed milk and biscuits for her and her friends tonight.  I will wait until dusk then go out and sit on my steps, but first, I’ll put on a heavier coat.

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009

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You Know a Fairie is Present When...

You hear a whispering of leaves.
You see a whirlwind.
You feel a tingling sensation in your hair.
You have an unexplained loss of time.
You laugh uncontrollably, or feel exceptionally silly.
You see blades of grass bending when there
is no one around.

The Most Likely Place for Fairie Portals Are...

Lake shores
Glades in the forest
Where two roads intersect
Fences and border hedges (this is Arial's favorite)
Stairwells, hallways and landings
Tidal pools
Bends in a road


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I would like to give special thanks to Gail Schimmelpfennig for allowing me to put her wonderful poem "Seeking the Muse" on my site. You can read her poem in the fairy poetry section under "Fairies in Word and Song". Gail is Utah State Poetry Society's 2009 Poet of the Year, and I'm proud to say, a dear friend. You can find her on FaceBook where there is a group for the Utah poets.