We are happy that you have come. Arial and her friends have been waiting to show you their world. It's a world of magic where things are not always what they seem. Please, come in a stay awhile, there are a lot of things to see here and they are ever changing. So do come back often, we will be waiting through the ivy hedge.


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060 If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales. ~Albert Einstein~
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There’s a time of day where the light in the sky is the same, whether dusk, or dawn. Have you ever fallen asleep and woke up not knowing how long you slept? You can’t tell from the light in the sky. Is it six in the morning, or six in the evening? What time was it when I went to sleep? Have you had that surreal feeling that you slept all night (or day). Sometimes the only way to get your balance back is to run through the house looking for someone else. Someone that you can ask what the time  is, and risk appearing the fool when you ask, “Did I sleep so long that I missed something?” They will look at you strangely, I promise,  when you follow up with, “You know, is it today or tomorrow?” It’s a very disorienting feeling.

That’s exactly how I felt when, after long frantic discussions, held in hushed tones, and a flurry of tense activity by the faeries in the emerald guard, Arial finally decided to open the portal so that we could go home.

She pointed her wand at the ivy hedge, sending out  a beam of blinding white light that penetrated the vines. As she whispered something in elvish, the gnarled branches began to fold back on themselves, groaning and creaking as they twined around, finally producing an archway large enough for us to pass under.

The night was starting to bow to the birth of a new day in the faerie realm, but as we stepped through the portal into the mortal world, the light in the sky was the light of sunset. Dusk and dawn, yin and yang, I was beginning to see how intertwined our world was with the transcendental world of the Fae. One world can’t exist alone, each is dependent on the existence of the other.

We had barely passed through the arch when the hedge begrudgingly filled back in, letting us know with every groan that it resented being disturbed at this early hour (I couldn’t help wondering if the hedge, being the boundary for both worlds, regarded the hour as early, or late). Arial and two other faeries remained with us, while the others stayed in the realm to continue their vigilant guard of the portal.

Jet lag drains all the energy out of you, and even though we hadn’t traveled across physical time zones, we had traveled across time, so we retired to the upstairs earlier than we would normally and fell into bed exhausted from our recent adventure. The last thing I remember Bill saying was, “Wow, our pillows smell good!”

We woke up this morning to a blizzard of whiteout proportions. It’s not unusual for us to have a spring snow storm, but this was furious driving snow that beat against the windows making them rattle like they might crack and break. It didn’t feel right, this storm, and it wasn’t until Arial appeared as we were having our coffee that I understood why.

“Queen Orlaith is livid!” I traveled to the northern realm to ask the queen’s council on the disappearance of the faerie, Krystil. I told her we suspect that Mrs. Shunner has taken her away to a dark place to drain her of her magic.”

Arial saw Odette on the floor trying to get our attention by waving her coffee cup. She floated down and grabbed under her arms, then shot back up to the top of the counter and  gently let her down. I got an eyedropper full of coffee and filled the little mug that she held out. “Didn’t want to be stopping the conversation now!” She took a sip, “I’ll be thankin’ ya for the brew.”

Arail continued, “Orlaith flew, enraged, to the topmost tower of her castle. Turning to face the south, holding her arms out in front of her, she pursed her lips, and with fire in her eyes, blew out a thin wisp of  frost. She turned back to me with instructions to return quickly, that I might keep the biting cold out of your garden.”

“This breath of frost gathered shape and intensity, it grew into a powerful freezing storm, prepared to do Orlaith’s bidding. Orlaith instructed the storm to pound down on the shape shifter, demonstrating the full power of the Queen’s anger at the audacity she showed when she took a member of the queen’s realm. I barely made it back ahead of the storm!”

We  huddled together under blankets on the couch, listening to the wind whistle around the corners of the house. It sounded like it was going to tear the awnings off. There is a sign hanging on the wall leading to the backyard, that is if it’s still there, it reads: “DON’T PISS OFF THE FAERIES!” I always wondered what would happen, and I’m glad that Orlaith and I are on good terms.

“Arial?” The queen’s daughter backed away from the window and turned to face me, I could see from the look in her bright green eyes that a plan was  forming in the back of her mind. “Arial, I can appreciate the queen’s anger, and it doesn’t surprise me that it took the form of snow, but, this storm is freezing everyone, not just Mrs. Shunner.”

“Yes, that is true.” She casually spun around my head, stopping right in front of me. “There is another way…”

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry,

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You Know a Fairie is Present When...

You hear a whispering of leaves.
You see a whirlwind.
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You see blades of grass bending when there
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The Most Likely Place for Fairie Portals Are...

Lake shores
Glades in the forest
Where two roads intersect
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Tidal pools
Bends in a road


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I would like to give special thanks to Gail Schimmelpfennig for allowing me to put her wonderful poem "Seeking the Muse" on my site. You can read her poem in the fairy poetry section under "Fairies in Word and Song". Gail is Utah State Poetry Society's 2009 Poet of the Year, and I'm proud to say, a dear friend. You can find her on FaceBook where there is a group for the Utah poets.