We are happy that you have come. Arial and her friends have been waiting to show you their world. It's a world of magic where things are not always what they seem. Please, come in a stay awhile, there are a lot of things to see here and they are ever changing. So do come back often, we will be waiting through the ivy hedge.


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060 If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales. ~Albert Einstein~
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Bill came home not long after my confrontation with Mrs. Shunner. He found me sitting on the back step with my chin resting in my hands, staring at the ivy hedge. Arial was on my shoulder braiding my hair as usual. When Bill walked up, Arial darted over to him, circled his head a few times, and laughed as she poked him in the cheek, then flew back. He sat down next to me, smiling and rubbing his cheek, then pretended to grab Arial, who giggled, flipped her wings once, and popped out of sight.”Everything ok?”

Bill is a very good listener. I let out all of my frustration, “I caught Mrs Shunner trying to come into the backyard a while ago, she had her hand on the gate. You should have seen her face, she was mortified. When I ask her where she was going, she made up some unconvincing story about her cat getting into the yard, but you know, I think she was just snooping. I don’t know what I’m going to do, I can’t have the neighbors being suspicious.”

He put his arm around me. “It’s a nice day, why don’t we go for a walk?” What a good idea! A little fresh air, some exercise, what a great idea. A stroll through the park would be just the ticket for reducing  stress. I ran in to put on my walking shoes.

While I was lacing up the last shoe, my gnome friends, Warren and Odette scurried up to me. “Where you goin’, can we come?” Their question was asked in unison, and a vision of Chihuahua’s, one in each of  Bill’s robe pockets popped into my head. “Do you mind riding in my coat pockets?” Just looking at their smiling, up-turned faces  and shinning eyes made it very difficult to say no.

They jumped up and down with excitement, and when I had my coat on I held open the pockets for them. Odette jumped in first, not quite a swan dive, but not bad for a 6 inch tall gnome. She disappeared down in the bottom of the pocket, squirmed around until she was top up then stuck her head out so she could see. Warren was next, but he took  a more dignified approach. He asked me if I would hold out my hand so that he could stand on it and be placed gently in my pocket. Of course, I didn’t mind.

With gnomes in my pockets, I joined Bill who was waiting patiently on the back porch, humming to himself. Bill tells me that he has songs in his head all the time and we joke about the fact that he never knows all the words to any of them. Over the years we have come to call his singing thing,  KBIL–all of the songs, all of the time, some of the rhythm, and some of the rhyme. Depending on the song, sometimes it gets really funny.

We walked in silence for a few minutes, until we were well down the street. Then Bill noticed my pockets moving. “What’s that!” At that moment, Warren and Odette both stuck their heads out and grabbed on to the edges of my pocket to keep from slipping back down.

“Hello sir!” It was uncanny how they would say things in unison.They had great big smiles on their faces as they looked around, obviously excited to be seeing more of their adopted world. I looked from them, to Bill and then back to them and quickly clapped my hands over their heads to keep anyone else from seeing them. With a chagrined look on my face I explained how they wanted to come with us, and how I didn’t have the heart to say no.

Bill took the little hand that Warren proffered and gave it a shake. “Just make sure that nobody sees you, okay?” We were off again, walking down the street chatting about work and the weather and different plants by the side of the path. The gnomes bobbed up and down with my steps, their pointed red and green hats turning back and forth as they made mention of this plant or that rock. It was nice to leave some of the stress behind for a while.

On the way back we passed a hill, I noticed a single yellow crocus and pointed to it. “Hey look, the first spring bulb!” At first glance, it was a simple yellow crocus coming up out of the dirt, but when I looked closer I saw a tiny faerie pulling at the petals with both hands. Her feet were braced against the stalk and she was leaning backward, pulling with all her might. Odette saw her too and waved. The tiny faerie shot up and hung in the air an inch away from Odette’s face. She tilted her head back and forth, squeaked “Hello!” then winked out and was gone.

“Friendly folks here”, Odette smiled up at me and I shook my head in agreement. I had to jog a little to catch up with Bill who had rounded the corner of the house, coming to a sudden stop…

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009

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You Know a Fairie is Present When...

You hear a whispering of leaves.
You see a whirlwind.
You feel a tingling sensation in your hair.
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You see blades of grass bending when there
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The Most Likely Place for Fairie Portals Are...

Lake shores
Glades in the forest
Where two roads intersect
Fences and border hedges (this is Arial's favorite)
Stairwells, hallways and landings
Tidal pools
Bends in a road


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I would like to give special thanks to Gail Schimmelpfennig for allowing me to put her wonderful poem "Seeking the Muse" on my site. You can read her poem in the fairy poetry section under "Fairies in Word and Song". Gail is Utah State Poetry Society's 2009 Poet of the Year, and I'm proud to say, a dear friend. You can find her on FaceBook where there is a group for the Utah poets.