We are happy that you have come. Arial and her friends have been waiting to show you their world. It's a world of magic where things are not always what they seem. Please, come in a stay awhile, there are a lot of things to see here and they are ever changing. So do come back often, we will be waiting through the ivy hedge.


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060 If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales. ~Albert Einstein~
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I stood there, staring at Litha, her words soaking into my mind…“there are those who would steal our magic to do evil in yours”.

I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I heard those words. The news is filled lately with the pernicious deeds that people do, all the time having the rest of us believe that it is for our own good, and if I may say, pulling the magical wool over our eyes.

My eyes were wide with alarm and I felt goosebumps crawl up my arms. “Does it have anything to do with Mrs. Shunner?  She captured a frost faerie a few months ago, she was trying to steal her magic.” The picture of the musty room crammed full of bottles and jars that held who knew what sort of vile, disgusting contents, flooded my memory and I shook violently.

Seeing my reaction, Litha stepped forward, circled me with her arms, and whispered in elvish. “Pai byr thaes, Col Oli.” I have heard the musical language of the fair folk spoken before but I haven’t understood it. I did now. What changed? Arial took a few steps forward to translate but I held up my hand to stop her. “I know what she said Arial, but how?”

Arial tilted her head to one side. “Speak her words to me.” I looked from Litha, to Arial, then back. Litha nodded her head indicating that it was OK for me to speak. “She said ‘do not fear, Kind One’, at least that’s what I think she said.” The two faeries smiled and nodded and Litha continued.

“You will always have the Fae with you. Our worlds are connected, our blood flows in human veins. There are others like you, with the ability to see and talk to the magical beings of the realm. You will know them by their sensitive nature, their love of beauty. The time will come when you seek each other out and band together to combat the forces that threaten to destroy you.”

Litha held out her hand and a small blue-green box materialized on her upturned palm. The box vibrated and sparkled.  “In the Old Times, when the Tuathe-De-Danann first settled in the north they brought with them four magical items, The Stone of Destiny, The Spear of Lugh, The Sword of Nuada, and The Cauldron of Dagda. These item were used many times in battle. Only after it became clear that our two races could not exist peacefully in the same realm did we retreat to the faerie mounds to become the people of the Sidhe, taking the four magical items with us.”

Lightening giftLitha paused and removed the lid. “Behold…the force of nature.” I had to shield my eyes from the bright flashes of light that poured from the box. The faerie queen passed her hand over the top and the electric sparks died down so that I could see the contents.

A little gasp escaped my lips as I clearly saw the source of the sparks. Inside the box, bouncing around in all directions, were tiny bolts of lightning. Litha smiled at my response, pleased at the fact that she had taken my breath away, and continued. “Modern times call for new magical items. You have received two of them from my sisters of the winter and spring. This is summer’s gift. Lightning, the gift of Protection.”

“Hold out your hand Kind One.” I did as I was bid and the little box dissolved off the queen’s hand and materialized in mine. I felt the tingling power surge from the box and up my arm causing me to lose my grip and let the box fall. Arial moved forward to steady me as she caught the box.

“Our time here is closing and we must depart to the south.” She winked at me. “I do believe that Orlaith is anxious to return and sink my fair world into frosty hibernation,  it will be an early winter I fear! The Autumn faeries are already dancing among the leaves, painting them with the colors of fall.”

Litha raised her arms and circled the throng of fire faeries who were watching in respectful silence. “Come, my sisters of the summer, it is time.”

As one, the fire faeries rose, the heat of their wings rushed over and around me, causing the tall grass to bend, bowing to them as they departed, then, in one blinding flash of light, they were gone. Simple and quick, like a bolt of lightning.

Arial and I were left alone in the meadow. I rubbed my eyes. “Why doesn’t it surprise me that they would exit that way?” Arial was running her fingers through her hair, trying to smooth it after the rush of hot air had disheveled her auburn locks. “Fire faeries! They do so love making a spectacular show of leaving.” She seemed to be slightly irritated.

After my eyes had adjusted, I noticed that we were not alone in the meadow. All through the tress that surrounded us leaves were turning rust and orange. Every once in a while, yellow and light green would be thrown in for contrast. “The Fall faeries are here!” Much to the dismay of Arial, I have to say, Fall is my favorite season. We watched as the little fall faeries danced around through the branches touching each leaf with their wands. Within minutes, the entire meadow changed from summer greens to the vibrant colors of fall.

“Arial! Isn’t it beautiful! Take a deep breath… doesn’t fall smell absolutely heavenly?” I think my enthusiasm for the season was lost on Arial, it looked like she might be a little jealous. In silence, we walked down the path, passing into the murky shadows of the  forest, and headed for the ivy hedge.

We hadn’t gone far when an eerie howl echoed through the underbrush. I jumped and Arial went into dizzying circles around my head, coming to rest on my right shoulder, under my hair, right up against my neck. “Why Arial, I haven’t known you to ever be frightened in these woods.”

Arial darted out from under my hair and toward the edge of the path. She did a mid-air pace back and forth, peering intently into the shadows on the forest floor, all the time holding her wand out in front of her. “I wasn’t frightened, I was just, umm, startled.”

Satisfied that we weren’t in imminent danger, she glided back to me. “You know the season that you are so fond of?” She turned to glance around the forest once more. “It brings with it new perils. The veil between worlds grow thinner, anything could break through at any time. I think we should expedite our travel.”

She raised her wand, but before she could point it at me I said, “Arial, you know before, when I said I liked fall the best? It didn’t mean that I liked you less.” I held my hand out so that she could land on it and whispered, “nothing can ever take your place.”

Arial’s smile was so bright that she cast a light around us that reached to the edge of the path. She rose and pointed her wand at me. As we dissolved into a million sparkling lights, she  gave me a light peck on the cheek and said…”I know.”

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009.


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