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060 If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales. ~Albert Einstein~
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Something was wrong! I didn’t know what it was, but my heart started doing a Gene Krupa drum solo in my chest and my breathing stopped, then started with a squeak. I thought I was having a heart attack. Men my age have them, you know, but I’ve learned the warning signs of a heart attack and this wasn’t it, nor was it a stroke. I think it was a panic attack. I was panicked but without a cause. Doesn’t that seem odd?

I was looking out the kitchen window at the ivy covered back fence. I stood there shaking and grasping the sink until my physical sensations settled down. That’s when I saw it. There was a beam of light like laser pointers, only it was an icky green instead of red. It was aimed at the ivy near the round outdoor thermometer. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from. My best guess was across the street, but lasers pointed at the moon 238.000 miles away have illuminated spots that were seen from earth. If this was a laser its source could be anywhere there was a direct line of sight.

As I watched the green pinpoint started to grow and the ivy leaves scorched where it touched. I was shocked but fascinated. I had never seen anything like this and I wondered what I should do. If it grew any bigger it could cause some real damage. What if it shifted from the fence to the house? That’s when I got scared. We had to get out. We had to let someone know that our fence was under attack by, by what?

I didn’t know but I didn’t want to wait any longer to find out. I went rushing through the house yelling for my wife, but she didn’t answer. I didn’t know she was out, but she sure wasn’t in. I grabbed for the dogs who were yapping like a pack of idiots because they didn’t know what was going on. Better to yap than to be caught unprepared. The silly things ran away from me every time I tried to pick them up. I had to herd them into a couple of kennels so I could carry them out to the car. You’d think a four pound dog couldn’t put up much of a fuss, but they can. I don’t know if they were reacting to my fright or if they sensed something wrong too. They were bumping, and thumping against the sides of the kennel so hard that I could barely hold on to them. The handles on top were straining and I was afraid that they might break and they’d tumble down the stairs kennels and all. I was lucky, no breaks.

We reached the back door when I heard something strange above the caterwauling of the dogs. I know, dogs don’t caterwaul, but these three were coming very close to disproving that belief. It was loud, and obnoxious, and high pitched. I didn’t think I could hear a bomb go off in the din they created. But I heard something. It sounded like a woman shouting at me, “Mr. Bill, Mr. Bill don’t go away and forget us! We’re scared too.”


It must have been the ringing in my ears and my overactive imagination. “Nah,” I thought, “I didn’t hear anything.”

Then just as I turned back to the door again, I heard it again, “Mr. Bill, don’t you dare leave this house without us!”

I turned around and there standing just outside of the kitchen were two little people only six inches tall. My eyes bugged out. I dropped the kennels, which caused the dogs to get louder if that was even possible, and I fell down hard on my butt. “Oh great,” I thought, “Here I am running around the house like a crazy person, scaring the wits out of our dogs, and the truth is I’ve gone around the bend to the funny farm and climbed the slippery basket-weaver’s tree.”

The little folk took this chance with me seated on the ground to run up my legs, scramble up my shirt and perch on my shoulder. The female said, “Hurry, we have to go. There is going to be a breach in the portal and we can’t be here when it happens.”

I didn’t move. The male of the pair slapped my ear and yelled, “Get up, yer big lug — we don’t have time for yer amazement. You can be amazed later — right now we gotta go.” With that he yanked the hair at the nape of my neck and screamed, “Go, go, go!”

So I did. Luckily the car door opened easily. In went the kennels. The tiny folks scrambled from my shoulders on to the front seat beside me. I jerked the door closed and backed the car down the drive. There wasn’t a moment to lose, I turned and shot down the street. Car, kennels, little guys and me, rushing headlong into the darkness. I glanced over at the little man and woman struggling to get under the broad seat belt and started to think. Were these the gnomes that lived under our sink? My wife said they were there, but I had never seen them. Not until today that is. What else has she been talking about that seemed too fanciful to be believed — fairies, shape shifters, and centaurs? What if it was all true? What if? The thought made my stomach queasy. I didn’t want to think about it anymore. Besides I had better figure out where we were going and what we were going to do once we got there.

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009-2010

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by Bill, guest blogger for today

Tami 45My wife says the fairies call her the Kind One. Kind One, hummm. K.O. for short. In boxing K.O. means knock out. I guess that’s about right she’s always knocked me out. My KO, I think I’ll call her that from now on, it rolls off the tongue easy and is kind of fun. I don’t know what she is going to say, but unless she reacts with the boxing type of KO, I’m going to do it.

She says that the fairies told her that she has fairy blood and has descended from a line of enchanted royalty. That doesn’t surprise me either. She’s tall, on the slim side, and has a long graceful neck. That song that Jerry Lee Lewis used to sing where he said, “There’s nothing in the world like a long-necked girl, makes me feel so funny, makes me spend my money” is about right too. When you think about it nothing is more regal looking than a slender princess with a swan-like neck. Also, she has long auburn hair. It looks brown indoors, but in the sunlight the red glimmers through. Her eyes are green and again it’s in natural sunlight that you get the full effect. Ya,she still KO’s me.

She’s a strikingly beautiful Celtic lass. Going back many generations it isn’t inconceivable that with the way the Irish mixed it up with enchanted beings that she could have fairy blood after all. What is it that Shakespeare said? Oh, yeah “there are more things on heaven and earth , Horatio, than are dreamt of  in your philosophy.” Of course he was talking about ghosts and we’re discussing fairies.Fairy Ghost Fairies/ghosts, if you’ve got one, why not the other? And I do believe in ghosts I’ve had some up close and personal experiences with that lot. The ones I’ve met haven’t been been malicious, but still even the lost and confused ones can startle and unnerve you. Maybe I’ll tell you about them someday. If you really want to know and you ask nice.

I still don’t see the little critters, she insists that I do and that I just forget. Maybe she’s right, I do forget things sometimes. Just last week I gave her a birthday present a week early because I looked at the calendar wrong. I didn’t forget her birthday, I just remembered it early. I was forgiven because I picked out just the right thing.  Whew!

I may or may not see the fairies, but I am aware of KO’s comings and goings. I can look out the window and see her relaxing in the lounge on the patio, and the very next moment she’s gone. Sometimes I swear there is a quick golden shimmer left behind,  like when a photographer takes a picture with a flash, and it leaves that bright circle that stays in your vision for awhile. Yes, it is just like that.

I only tell you about this because that golden shimmer happened just this morning. When she gets back I’m sure she will write it down and we will all know about it.

When she returns from her travels in the fairy world she has these amazing tales to tell. She writes them down and I read them because I want to know where she is going and what is happening. Don’t you want to know what happens to the people you love too? Some of the stories scare me. She only wants to help the little darlings, but I’m afraid that harm might come to her by doing that. Without the fairy blood what could I do? Maybe we would have been better off if that darn portal was closed and closed permanently. I wonder if there is something I could do? Hummm.

With the fire faeries doing such a wonderful job of heating up the season, the only time I can enjoy my backyard is in the cool of early morning. The sky is a cloudless light blue and the air is calm, as if the world is holding its breath, waiting for the sun to melt away the last of the predawn shadows.

I love to lay on the chase lounge and watch my faeries coming and going through the ivy hedge. Ever since the celebration of Midsummer I have had a hard time concentrating, I feel the faeries whispering to me, inviting me to join them and leave the mortal world behind. “Come away with us, come, and leave your cares behind. Feel the soft breeze of the realm; hear the stream as it trickles over cool, mossy stones. Come away, come away…if it weren’t for Arial, Odette and I would still be there.

Arial has been trying to get me to write down my experiences, she tells me that it is the only way to break the spell cast over me when I entered the faerie circle; it seems that having faerie blood running through my veins makes it a little harder to resist the pull of the Fae. “Kind One, please, write down your thoughts on your computer machine, I will help if you like.” I had to smile. “Arial, I didn’t know you could type.”

Arial flew in low over my laptop, skimming her tiny feet across the keyboard. “I don’t mean helping you to spell the words, I mean helping you remember.” She flew up and landed lightly on my shoulder then began to braid my hair. I felt it again, that hazy euphoric feeling. The trees started to sway back and forth and I heard pipe music playing in the distance. It could have been my imagination but I could swear that the energy field around the portal wavered.

“Thanks, I think I can handle it.” I saw a look of disappointment wash across her face and felt ashamed that I had been so short and hurriedly added, “Why don’t you sit  and keep me company, I might need some clarification, I do still feel a little light headed.”  She jumped up and buzzed around my head, adding to my already disconnected feeling.

A slight breeze blew through the trees, carrying with it the sweet scent of honeysuckle. It lifted my hair and made the wind chimes sway. The pipe music I was hearing grew louder as the backyard seem to fade into a fine mist. My thoughts took me back to the path at the bottom of the hill. The dragonflies and faeries had escorted us  from the Elvenwood and were landing in groups of two and three at the edge of the forest. The sun balanced on the top of the hill sending blazing fingers of orange and pink reaching out toward high, thin clouds, and in the east, the early evening hues of violet and indigo signaled the coming twilight.

Arial suddenly materialized on the path in front Odette and I. Her sparkling bright orange and pink appearance took us by surprise and we had to shield our eyes from the intensity of her glow. “I’m so glad you are back! I trust that Elendain treated you well. Don’t you love the elvenwood? I knew she was nervous because she was talking fast as she whipped around us in an excited frenzy. “We must hurry to the meadow, the celebration is about to begin.”

I grabbed Odette and carried her as we made our way up the hill. By the time we reached the top, the purple and blue of the evening sky was blending with the sunset and the shadows on the forest floor were quickly deepening to black, blotting out the definition of the tall deep green pine trees. I expected to see a flurry of activity in the meadow but it was empty. “Arial, where is everyone?”fairyring-1 Arial had flown ahead of us toward the center of the clearing and was hovering just inside what looked like a ring of soft white mushrooms that were nestled among the tall grasses, their large caps tilted in every direction.

Arial’s glittering wings reflected the last of suns fading rays. She beckoned us forward.  “Come, come and join the dance. Step inside the fairy ring, come.” I had never seen Arial act like this; she was swaying back and forth as if listening to soft music, and she had a dreamy look on her face. Odette and I exchanged puzzled glances. “Missus, why is she acting like that?” she pointed at Arial. “All befuddled and the like.” I had been wondering the same thing. “I don’t know, maybe its part of the celebration?” Odette nodded. “Aye, I’m thinking you’re right about that, but strange it tis.”

I took a deep breath. “Well, we might as well find out what Midsummer is all about.” Moving closer to the fairy ring, I stepped in.

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009.

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Fun Fairie Facts

You Know a Fairie is Present When...

You hear a whispering of leaves.
You see a whirlwind.
You feel a tingling sensation in your hair.
You have an unexplained loss of time.
You laugh uncontrollably, or feel exceptionally silly.
You see blades of grass bending when there
is no one around.

The Most Likely Place for Fairie Portals Are...

Lake shores
Glades in the forest
Where two roads intersect
Fences and border hedges (this is Arial's favorite)
Stairwells, hallways and landings
Tidal pools
Bends in a road


Tami 45

I would like to give special thanks to Gail Schimmelpfennig for allowing me to put her wonderful poem "Seeking the Muse" on my site. You can read her poem in the fairy poetry section under "Fairies in Word and Song". Gail is Utah State Poetry Society's 2009 Poet of the Year, and I'm proud to say, a dear friend. You can find her on FaceBook where there is a group for the Utah poets.