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060 If you want your children to be brilliant, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be geniuses, read them more fairy tales. ~Albert Einstein~
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Returning to the gardens of Kensington Manor, the Kind One experienced firsthand the devastation caused by the recent attempt to breech the portal to the realm of the Fae. Ivy and grass were scorched, and a beloved Laurel bush was completely destroyed. A deadly silence lay over the entire scene. Not wasting a moment, she raced into the house, calling for her Chihuahua’s and Bill, only to be greeted by evidence of a hasty departure. Where had everyone gone?

Meanwhile, only a few blocks away, a startled Bill sat in his parked car staring into the bright blue eyes of Lilly, their mysterious little neighbor from down the street. Where had she come from?


Lilly’s reassuring smile and gentle touch dissolved the last traces of tension that had built up in the car. A feeling of peace swept over Bill like sunshine on a warm July day, muscles that Bill didn’t even know he had relaxed and he found himself smiling up at Lilly’s friendly face.

Bill cleared his throat. “You live just down from us, don’t you?” He looked around to see where she had parked but there were no other cars around. Confused, he asked, “Where did you park?”

Lilly’s mellow laugh was like smooth cream. “Darling man! Machines and I don’t get along, I walk when I need to get around here.” She patted her behind and continued. “Heaven knows I need the exercise!”

Bill wondered what she meant when she said “get around here“. He shook his head and tried to focus on what she was saying.

“….so anyway, the lights went out and since I love a good lightning show I decided to go for an evening stroll.” She paused and peered at Bill with a quizzical look on her face. “You haven’t heard a word, have you?” Bill lowered his eyes and stammered. “I’m so sorry, it’s just…I mean, there was this…” He stopped, there was no way he could explain what had happened in the backyard, at least not without having this kind little lady think he was completely bonkers.

Lilly patted his shoulder. “There, there.” She took a finger and tilted his chin up so she could look into his worry-filled face. “Things aren’t so bad. Don’t let a little thunder and lightning frighten you so.”

Bill scratched his head and frowned up at Lilly. “I…there was…what are you talking about? There was no thunderstorm earlier.” Continuing to look straight at Bill, Lilly rapped the end of the crooked staff she was carrying on the ground then pointed it at the sky. Clouds gathered quickly and a loud, roaring clap of thunder rattled through the park causing the dogs to whimper in their kennels.

Satisfied with the results, she went on, ” Yes dear, there was. It came on rather suddenly, don’t you remember?”

Bill sat staring at her, slack-jawed, until the last of the thunder rolled away. “No, I distinctly remember blue skies and sunshine and…”

Lilly placed her hands on both sides of his head and focused her mind on his. Bill felt a static charge coarse through his body, starting at his toes and shooting out the top of his head. His eye’s glazed over and he felt his mind go hollow as he struggled to remember the events of the evening.

Lilly’s eyes were sparkling like bright crystals and she spoke in a soft, lilting voice. “The storm came up quickly, there were multiple lightning strikes, they knocked out the power and scorched the ground.” Bill shuttered as the new information fingered through his brain, replacing his memories of the sickly green laser slicing its way across the lawn and up the ivy hedge.

Lilly stood up straight and grasp both of her hands behind her back, then waited, humming softly to herself. She smiled down at Bill sitting in the car, he had a hazy vacant look in his eyes. She absolutely loved the humans. Being with them gave her endless joy and she never regretted her decision to live among them.

After a few seconds Bill’s eyes re-focused and he sat up straighter. Pinching  him on the cheek she began again. “You haven’t heard a word I’ve been saying, have you?” She laughed, and this time Bill laughed with her.

He rubbed his forehead. “You know”, he said, “I can’t for the life of me figure out why I let a little lightning  spook me like this.” He turned and spoke to the dogs in their kennels. “We’re going home now girls.” Three little faces looked at him in gratitude and three little tails whipped furiously back and forth.

“Your mom’s going to be wondering where we are.” He turned the key and the engine roared to life. Putting the car in reverse he asked Lilly, “Would you like a ride home?”

“No thank you dear.” She winked at him. “I think I’ll walk, these old bones need to keep moving you know!” She waved as he backed the car and started to pull into the road. “Drive safely now!”

Stopping to yield to a slow moving car, Bill re-adjusted his rear view mirror. His breath caught in his throat as he watched Warren and Odette running out of the trees. They stopped and bowed to Lilly. He looked away and rubbed his eyes, then looked again,were those gnomes? Not trusting what he had seen in the mirror, he casually turned around in the seat and strained to see into the deep purple shadows. A fine pink mist hovered over the ground where Lilly and the gnomes had been standing only moments before.


Do you remember when you were little and you were home alone? All it took was one strange sound and you would run through the house turning on every light? That’s what I did. I was moving through the house, turning on lights and chasing shadows of the unknown  out of the corners when Arial popped in and frightened the life out of me. “Oh! My moon and stars Arial!” I placed both hands over my racing heart and sunk into the over stuffed rocker. “Don’t startle me like that!”

Arial waved an impatient hand at me and started started talking ninety miles an hour. ” Kind One, listen. Lilly just sent Bill home. He will be here any minute. He thinks that lightning caused the damage. He doesn’t remember anything else, just go along with it, Okay?”

“Whoa! slow down. Bill’s coming home?” I ran to the window to look up and down the deserted street. “Is he okay? Are the dogs with him? Where are Warren and Odette?” Relief dripped from every word. No sooner than the question left my lips, the two gnomes piled through the door with Bella and Pip fast on their heels.

They ran up to me and hugged my ankles. “Missus…oh Missus! You’re home! You’re safe! When the green blast tore through the ivy, we thought you got hit for sure! Mr. Bill grabbed us all an took us away from here. He sure did look at us funny, like as not he’d never seen us before.”

Relief poured over me and I sat down and let the gnomes climb up and sit in my lap. Smiling at them I asked, “How did you get back?”

They spoke in unison. “Lilly brought us home.” I shot a  quick look up at Arial who was nonchalantly gliding back and forth in the air, feigning a look of  innocence, with Bella and Pip beside her. “All right Arial, the time has come to fess up. Who is Lilly? I know that you know because you always act very strange when she is around.” I thought back to the times when she happened to appear. “Come to think of it, she shows up at the most convenient moments. Whats going on? How did she find Bill, and why does he think what happened was because of a lightning storm?”

Arial offered her brightest smile and began to answer, but before she had time to say anything we heard a loud crashing slam and Bill strode through the backdoor as if nothing unusual had happened. The kennels were bumping madly back and forth so he put them down and opened the doors. Chihuahuas flew everywhere, whining and scratching to be picked up. Tongues licking and tails wagging. It was pandemonium.

I jumped up, dumping Warren and Odette on the floor, and ran to wrap my arms tightly around Bill.  He tried to pull back, but I wouldn’t let go, I just hung on to him. He laughed and extricated himself from my arms. “Hey! you all right? I haven’t been gone that long. I forgot you worked late tonight. The girls were nervous about the lightning so I took them for a ride to the park.”

Arial and the other faeries melted into the background, settling themselves on the bookshelf between James Herriot’s “All Things Bright and Beautiful” and “All Creature’s Large and Small”. Gathering a dog in each arm I motioned toward the stairs. ” Let’s  get these babies settled, it’s late, we can talk upstairs.” As we passed in front of the three faeries, I leaned close and whispered, “I will talk to you in the morning!”

“Who you talking to?” Bill was rubbing his head and looking around nervously. I grabbed his arm and pulled him away. Speaking in a light, nonchalant voice, I did my best to distract him. “Um, no one…just thinking out loud.”

As we started the spiral climb I asked, “Hey, how did you like that storm?” A flicker of disconnect flashed in his eyes. He looked around then answered in a low shaky voice, “I don’t remember lightning.”

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009-2010

The sun glistened off of the dragons wings as she carried Ember Innocenzi and Perhluna high into the bright morning sky. With one more wave goodbye, they winked out and were gone, leaving Arial and the Kind One standing in the tall meadow grass.

They walked toward the shade of the forest as Arial explained how their rescue had been achieved. The Kind One was delighted to find out that the shadeberries Perhluna had found gave the two humans the ability to share their thoughts.


I was dizzy from spinning and dancing with my faerie friends. Still laughing, I stopped and bent forward, trying hard not to topple over while I struggled to catch my breath. It was so great to be with the faeries again. My recent brush with the dark side of the realm made me realize how lucky I am to have my faeries with me.

Along with the feelings of gratitude came the memories of the ivy hedge and my family on the mortal side. Still slightly out of breath I jumped up, a renewed look of panic clouding  my eyes. That same irrational urge to dash into the forest flooded my instincts. I had to get to the portal as quickly as I could, but before I could say anything to Arial I felt a calming hand on my arm.

My mind had slipped back into a whirl of racing thoughts and it was all I could do to keep from shaking Arial’s hand off of my arm. Sucking in a quick deep breath, I turned to face the faerie who had become my ethereal mentor and best friend. Struggling to remain calm I waited for Arial’s sage advice.

Her dulcet voice had an instant effect on my frayed nerves. “Kind One, do not go down the same path that delivered you into the arms of certain danger only last night. Heed the lessons of the Fae, calm your mind, focus, only then can you control your doubts and fears. Clarity of purpose will be your reward.”

I felt like cold water had been thrown in my face. She was right, panicking never got me anywhere. I closed my eyes and concentrated on slowing my breathing. I pictured everyone at home, safe and happy. A sense of peace settle around me like a comforting fuzzy blanket. A soft tingling was spreading over the center of my forehead where the third eye chakra is.

Then…I knew what to do, just like that. It was so simple. I opened my eyes and looked straight into the deep green eyes of Arial. “Arial! you were so right! It was right here all along.” Bella, Ferne and Sunny all cheered in high musical voices as they dipped and dived around my head. Arial just stood, a smile on her face, and nodded in understanding.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before, oh, I have so much to learn.” I reached around my neck and pulled a small pouch that hung from a fine silk cord out from under the neck of my gown. The pouch held all of the gifts the queens had given me, well, all but one. The Horn of Aeon Myst that Mab had just given us at the yule ball hung around my neck on its own shinning silver chain.

Holding the small blue velvet bag in one hand I carefully pulled the strings open to inspect the contents.  Orlaith’s crystal was glowing a soft blue-white, when I passed my fingers over it, the stone’s light intensified, illuminating the other objects. Alina’s butterfly settled on my hand, its iridescent blue-green wings pulsed slowly up and down as I carefully readjusted the lid to the tiny box in the bottom of the pouch that held Litha’s gift of lightening.

I had always thought of the gifts as small tokens of friendship bestowed on me by the queens of the four seasons, but now, holding them like this, I realized that they were much, much more. They were tools, each one harnessing great power. Crystal/ Illumination, butterfly/transportation, lightening/protection, and…I reached up to pinch the tiny ivory horn hanging on its silver chain around my neck between my fingers…horn/communication.

“Arial, why didn’t you tell me about the power of these objects?” Arial stepped closer and held out her finger for the butterfly to settle on, then brought it close to her face so that it could flutter around her eyes and nose. This simple action was one of tenderness and respect. Arial returned the butterfly to my hand  as she spoke. “To the uninitiated, these are just mementos, but to those like you, those who are half faerie, half human, they become a tools with purpose. I could not tell you of their powers, you had to come to it. They choose when to reveal themselves.” She smiled. ” All I could do is get you to focus. You must have been ready because the light dawned.”

“There were so many times that I could have used these!” I recalled the ghostly faerie, then Ember and I sitting under the old Oak tree in the dark and further back to the time Odette and I got caught in the crossed energy of Arial’s and Cythia’s wands and ended up in the forest of Elvenwood. It was Odette who pointed out the fact that the crystal glowed when I held it. I scrunched my face up in disgust. “I guess I should have known they were different when I used the crystal to light up the darkness for Odette to look at my knee.”

Arial transformed herself to her usual faerie size and said, “All in due time, all in due time.” She settled herself on my shoulder and continued, “Think Kind One, there is something more, something that can help you now, what is it? I stared at the shadowed path ahead of us, the path that wandered through the forest to the portal in the ivy hedge. It seemed a long walk back…travel,I thought,  it’s about travel! I have it! I reached into the small bag and pulled out the last object, the rose quartz disc with a hole in its center. Arial’s instructions came flooding back to me, “hold the stone to your eye and picture your destination clearly in the center, then close your eyes and say “Take me to…”

Holding the rose quartz up to my eye I pictured my backyard. The Hawthorne trees casting shade on the ivy hedge, Odette and Warren digging in the garden, Bill sticking his head out of the back door to ask me what’s for dinner. Then I closed my eye’s and said out loud, “Take me home.”

I felt a tingling sensation and a rush of warm air, when I opened my eyes again, I was standing on the patio facing a Laurel bush that had been completely destroyed…

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009-2010



“Summer Procession”      by David Delamare

The air was full of iridescent blue-green dragonflies and faeries whose wings  crackled with energy. They circled and dived, then circled again. The elves in the trees came out to watch the aerial display. Every so often a faerie would suddenly appear with a loud pop, sending a shower of red, orange, and yellow sparkles out in every direction. This was what I had seen coming through the trees earlier, this faerie firework display.

Suddenly, the show halted. The dragonflies landed on the tree branches all around us, reflecting the sunlight in shimmering blue-green flashes. The faeries had drifted quietly to the ground and were hovering a few inches above the ferns on either side of the path. A hush fell over the clearing. The elves had ceased their murmurings and stood in respectful silence.

Coming through trees just ahead of us was a large gleaming sphere carrying a faerie in a glittering red gown. She had hair that looked like fire, red turning to orange, turning to yellow and her crown was made up entirely of interwoven lightening bolts that were constantly flashing around her head (it reminded me of the Wizard of Oz when Glinda arrived in munchkin land, only not that big).

There were faeries gliding along the ground on either side. Their wings were tall and thin, coming to a long, point.  Glittering lights followed the intricate design of veins that detailed each wing. I realized that these were the fire faeries of summer and that the spectacular faerie in the carriage must be their queen.

The procession halted in front of Elendain, who bowed deeply as the queen emerged. The faerie queen circled her wand in the air, spreading a bright yellow light above her, growing in size until she was as tall as the mistress of  the Elvenwood.

The royal pair hugged each other in greeting. “We are honored by your presence, Litha, Queen of the fire faeries, and want to welcome you and your court to our forest. Peace be with you.” Litha’s eyes sparkled and her smile warmed her face as she continued to hold Elendain’s hands. “We come in friendship and gratitude. We are indebted to you for saving the Kind One.”

I stood watching the gracious diplomacy of the two queens feeling small and inadequate, like I had been some what of a bother. It must have shown on my face because Litha turned and approached me. She glided up to me and held me in her arms. “My dear, we were so worried about you.” She held me at arms length and looked at me, tears glistening in her eyes. “I do not know what the future would bring if anything had happened to you. You are more important than you suspect, but that is the charm of your human half.”

There it was again, the half faerie blood thing. I sure wish I knew how to use it to my advantage. “Queen Litha, all of this…” I gestured around me, “is so far over my head. I am learning of things that I had no idea existed, of places I thought belonged  only in bedtime stories.”

Litha smiled and winked at me. “It is all quite something is it not? We have a very important celebration to attend so we must be going.” She turned again to Elendain who had stepped up behind her and they hugged one final time. “Hail and farewell Queen Litha, may your journey be smooth and your nights be filled with stars.”

Litha waved her wand and a brightly woven rug appeared, hovering two feet off the ground. She motioned for me to sit on it. “A flying carpet!? I feel like I’m in one hundred and one Arabian nights!” She laughed at the analogy. “Well, why not, it is a long journey, you might as well be comfortable.” She returned to her crystal bubble and waved at Elendain. “May you only know peace and happiness, Elendain, Mistress of Elvenwood.”

With that, the entire court of fire faeries rose into the air, flying carpet, dragonflies, and all, then darted toward the west, where the sun was already beginning to set.

© Tami Ruesch, The Misty World of Arial Hollyberry, 2009.

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